Soil Geology and Land Capability Planning

  • Survey and Assessment / Diagnosis according to national and international standards
  • Analysis and assessment of land potentials for sustainable land use / land utilization assessment according to FAO-standards
  • Soil protection and land utilization conceptions
    Assessment of land degradation and climate impacts
  • Reclamation and recultivation of post-mining landscapes
  • Accompanying planning for the preservation of the countryside / Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Environmental Construction Consultancy (ECC)

"No other environmental subject of protection is built as complex as soil. Solid, liquid and gaseous components, but also organic and inorganic matter mutually intersects each other.
Soil has ever been and will ever be one of the most important fundamentals of human existence. It has taken thousands of years to develop and cannot be reproduced arbitrarily. Thus, it needs an utmost degree of persistent protection."
(Christoph Scheibert)

Graduated Engineer agr.
Christoph Scheibert

Head of Department Soil, Proxy
Court-appointed expert witness
Phone +49 3641 4535-39