Geotechnique - Engineering Geology

  • Geotechnical exploration, assessment of foundation soil, foundation counselling, geotechnical accompaying for tunnels, bridges, traffic and circuit routes, industrial, commercial and residential building
  • Stability verifications for slopes, dumps, landfill systems
  • Planning and supervision of rock and slope redevelopment works
  • Engineering-geological survey
  • Expert subsidence damage investigations

"In the department of Geotechnique/Engineering geology, structure and properties of subsoil are being investigated on a natural-scientific basis. Afterwards, the results are an important prerequisite, parti-cularly for the solution of structural and environmental-technical tasks.
Specialists with fare-reaching natural-scientific and technical knowledge willing to do intensive interdisciplinary cooperation and communication are wanted."
(Gerald Wiesner)

Project Engineer
Carsten Engelhardt

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