Geological - Hydrogeological Research and Exploration

  • Investigation, assessment and redevelopment of ground water damages
  • Geological research, survey and exploration of geogenic potentials
  • Structural-geological, hydrodynamic, hydrochemical and geothermal models
  • Prognoses on the natural degradation of harmful substances (natural attenuation)
  • Risk assessment according to environmental, mining and water laws
  • Planning and controlling of monitoring networks for ground and surface waters

"In times of progressive consumption of well-known natural resources, it is indispensable to explore and develop available potentials by means of new scientific findings. Bringing our knowledge on the structure of the lithosphere into harmony with the needs for protecting the environment and the economic covetousnesses is of lasting importance."
(Jörg Schmidt)

Graduated Geologist Jörg Schmidt

Head of Department Geology, Proxy
Phone +49 3641 4535-32