Retreating - Revitalization of Fallow Areas - Disposal of Warfare Agents

  • Retreating, depth rubble clearance and development planning as well as expert monitoring
  • Investigation as well as planning and project management for areas burdened by harmful substances
  • Counselling for environmental issues, waste management, declaration investigations, labour and health safety coordination, EHS management
  • War damage investigations, survey of war agents, military and armament brownfields as well as aerial photo research

"The revitalization of fallow areas – neither boom nor burden, but an urban planning necessity taking into account the constraint of surface shortage. Fallow areas are a visible symbol of a lasting economic structure change. Their revitalization is to be seen as a symbol for a new beginning on old, often centrally located sites with simultaneous burdens, disposal of the past in terms of warfare agents, brownfields, fagged out building substance and legal restrictions."
(Ronald Seifert)

Graduated Geologist Ronald Seifert

Head of Department Development
Publicly assigned and sworn-in expert
Phone +49 3641 4535-15