Construction Planning - Construction Supervision - Project Controlling

  • Building and redevelopment of landfills (basis and surface sealing, recultivation, water balance, catchment of percolating and surface water, draining-off of percolating water, infrastructure)
  • Structural brownfield redevelopment (sealing, encasement, excavation, stabilization, inertization)
  • Environmental-geotechnical building measures (rock, slope and ground safeguarding, retaining walls, underpinnings, dams)
  • Regional rainfall management (standard and extreme rainfalls, springs and distribution, water perlocation and draining-off)

"The expert describes and assess an actual state referring to the ideal or required state and discusses the need to (re-)establish it. The engineer plans and performs measures for an optimal approach to this target state using an economic medium application."
(Clemens Borrmann)

Project Engineer
Carsten Engelhardt

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