JENA-GEOS® speaks at International Conference Chicago

JENA-GEOS® and Quaas Stadtplaner present results of the RD Project “effort - Energie Effizienz vor Ort” at the International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction.

The term ‚effort’ is the German abbreviation for ‚Energieeffizienz vor Ort’ (Energy efficiency on-site). effort is a tool that enables the planning of the optimal mix of energy supply in connection with a spatially and functionally sustainable development of the neighbourhood (,Integrated Neighbourhood Concept‘). All necessary indicators are brought together and linked to a GIS-based model. A total of 142 indicators (23 indicators sets) were selected from the specialist fields of: resources, ecology, mobility, architecture, urban planning and energy and building technology. These indictors appear essential for a sustainable neighbourhood development and allow for an easy, valid evaluation of development scenarios. The evaluation of sustainability occurs within the dimensions of: ecology, economy and social issues, all spatially stored evaluation criteria/indicators can be combined and clearly vizualised with the assistance of the specially developed ‚effort–Sun‘.

With the presentation of Dr. Kersten Roselt and Ingo Quaas the “effort - Sun of sustainability“ has been introduced to the scientific community for the first time. This approach attracted great interest among the conference participants. In further discussions during and around the conference sessions several contacts to research institutes and private organisations from the US and New Zealand could be established.  It is intended to establish further collaborations in the coming months. 

Dr. Roselt was satisfied with the results from the conference. He said: “The discussions reveal that German Engineering in the area of energetic urban restructuring is of international importance and energy transition in Germany is still an example to follow. JENA-GEOS® should aim to increase its benefit from this“. 

The upper picture (detail) shows Dr. Kersten Roselt and Ingo Quaas in front of the conference centre McCormick Place in southern part of Downtown Chicago. The lower picture (detail) is the illustration of the effort – sun of sustainability for the sample quarter of the city of Wiehe that indicates the possible degree of sustainability and the volume of carbon emissions.

effort is a joint research project within the framework of the initiative  „Regionale Wachstumskerne – Modul Potenzial“ which is  funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). For a description of this project, please see here

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