Informal backround discussion about advantages and risks of the deep geothermal energy

On 19.03.2014 was a backround discussion with the Thuringian Minister President Christine Lieberknecht, Prof. R. Gaupp (Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena) and Mr. Schaubs and Dr. Hesse (both JENA-GEOS®) about advantages and risks of the deep geothermal energy in Thuringia. The project development in the territory Meiningen, initiated by JENA-GEOS® and Stadtwerke Meiningen, is the realization of a first petrothermal power plant using of the Multiriss technology increasingly likely ( In addition to a widespread support for the project, there are also some critical voices from the Meininger cizizenship. This is why in their point of view the construction and operation of a deep geothermal power plant is also associated with risks ( Nevertheless, the location of Meiningen is evaluate after the risk assessment as particularly suitable. 

  1. The risk of induced noticeable seismic events is virtually absent because of the minimal natural seismicity as well as the concept of development, in which a number of smaller individual sites should be connected into a heat exchanger complex.
  2. The geothermal reservoir horizon in the Thuringian main granite in about 5 km depth is effectively policed by several barriers of fracture propagation. Fractures which can spread up to the ground surface are excluded.
  3. The naturally occuring radioactivity for example by using radon is not changed.
  4. Of the use of grundwater harmful additives can be dispensed.
  5. A communication between near-surface groundwater and deep water in the reservoir area is in geological aspect excluded.

The assessment of advantages and risks of deep geothermal energy in Meiningen shows that the implementation of a demonstration project under the intended inclusion of grants from the technology funding under the technology financing Programme of the Federal Government, has an outstanding perspective, the exploitation of geothermal heat advance.



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