Renewable energies in South Africa

From 3rd to 8th May in South Africa took place a delegation visit under the direction of Wolfgang Tiefensee the Thuringian Minister of economy, science and digital society.

The aim of the high ranking delegation from politics, business and science was to emphasize Thuringia as one of the most interesting business and scientific locations of Germany.

South Africa offers good future opportunities which have to be exploited.

Andreas Schaubs followed a personal invitation from the minister Tiefensee to present the know-how of JENA-GEOS® as Geoconsulter, specifically the potentials of renewable energy, mining recultivation of alternative building minerals and soil geology.

photo middle: A. Schaubs and Minister Tiefensee in dialogue with the chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch. 



During a number of years South Africa suffers at energy shortages which are increasingly impact of the economic development of the region. In present the power supply is largely based on older coal-fired power plants and one nuclear plant. In longer term of constellation isn't to expect any noticeable improvement of this situation. The development of renewable energies is limited to private sector initiatives to generate solar and wind power.

The numerous discussions inter alia with "Eskom" the energy provider of the Univertity of Pretoria, Kapstadt and Stellenbosch as with the Academie of Science A. Schaubs pleaded for the requirement of a national strategy for renewable energy supply and the detection of available potentials. The discussions were strongly supported by the German Embassy and AHK.

photo below: The minister and mayor of Stellenbosch discuss with A. Schaubs about renewable energys