Accreditations and Official Licences


The expert authority of JENA-GEOS® - Ingenieurbüro GmbH was confirmed by the accreditation according to DIN ISO 170 25:2005 for the field sample taking of water, soil and soil air.
This accreditation involves a management referring to quality which corresponds to this international standards as well as DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
JENA-GEOS® is entitled to bear the ILAC-MRA-sign which is valid the world over.


Official license as a proven expert for the assessement and investigation of suspected brownfields

Our Senior Engineer for Mining and Geology Ronald Seifert is a sworn and official appointed expert for the assessment and investigation of polluted areas by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) Gera.


Official license as a proven expert for soil science and the valuation of soils

Our Senior Engineer Pedologist Christoph Scheibert is a proven and official appointed expert in the field of agriculture, soil science and valuation of soils and he is sworn in by the State of Thuringia, Germany.



Proven expert knowledge according to the guidlines for security and health protection in the work field of contaminated and polluted areas

Mr. Ronald Seifert and Junior Geologist Hans-Jürgen Kurzbach and Junior Geologist Lars-Hendrik Kassebaum are holder of certificates having expert knowledge in compliance with the guidelines for security and health protection in the work field of pollutated areas.

Source: Guideline BGR 128 of TBG