Research and Development

Innovation and implementation for practical use

JENA-GEOS® dealt with research projects, funded by the EU, the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research), the BWi (Federal Ministry for Science), the Federal Foundation 'Environment' and the Free State Thuringia.

The successful and practice-oriented work aims, among other
topics, at

  • modern technical solutions in the fields of Geoengineering, Geophysics as well as water purification
  • Natural-attenuation-processes in soil and ground water
  • post-mining impacts in connection with safety issues, but also economical waste reuse.
    We do basic research work by means of the introduction of the uncertainty conception in the field of environment.

We face new challenges by lasting research in the geo-field.
These things involve:

  • adaptation strategies as a result of climate change for soil use
  • new approaches for the revitalization of fallow areas
  • intelligent applications and technologies/techniques in the field
  • of geothermal energy.

JENA-GEOS®, as a SME, does also research work in cooperation with universities, professional schools or other research institutions both at home and abroad.
Besides, we have performed scientific order studies for several Federal States as well as companies of the Federal Republic.

Our fellow workers carry out teaching and lecture work at universities
and colleges.