Remote Sensing, GIS and CAD

Consistently three-dimensional

JENA-GEOS® has highly sophisticated hardware and software to evaluate satellite photographs, stereoscopial air views, digital picture processing as well as for CIS and CAD.

Our employees are skilled in dealing with GIS for mastering numerous vector and screen data on different layers and their usage of reasoning capability and depth of description. We examine investigation findings, as for instance environmental data, with modern geostatistic methods for their representation and implement the results of a spatially calibrated interpolation into the GIS.

By means of the 'Atlas of Soils for the State of Qatar', we have created a GIS-supported atlas for the emirate which enables a complex, lasting country planning and development in connection with issues of land use and soil protection. This work is our outstanding reverence besides GISapplications
for the ecological assessment of urban and natural areas in Germany.

For complex tasks of site development, we create by means of GIS, special sites atlases for the deduction of integrated site development nconceptions.

In the field of construction planning, our know-how allows a complete three-dimensional processing of digital landscape models with the implementation of the project for the constructional pattern fit for putting into effect.