Monetary Valuation of Ecological Risks

Risk for the environment?

Suspected brownfields?

Value attenuation?

We recognize/know your risk!

Many owners of real estates or investors recoil from the potential environmental risks of a given site. Valuators often give real estate values without taking into account the brownfield risk.

As experts for the monetarization of the liability risk under environmental law, we ascertain quickly and discreetly the ecologically conditional inferior value of the real estate as well as the subsoil risk. With this, in addition to the experience from more than 1,000 environmentally-relevant real estate assessments, there are publicly-assigned and sworn-in experts available.

In the framework of "Environmental Due Diligence" we establish with a high degree of accuracy the environmental risk prognosis. Our findings give transparency and cost safety referring to the risks of "brownfield taint", but also for the environmental quality of the site as a whole.

For this, we have developed an assessment approach of our own, protected by patent and approved by authorities, named KOBALT (cost prognosis of brownfields to be cleared). Another patent contains the migration estimation of harmful substances for the protection of the ground water.
In the framework of research projects, e. g. REFINA of the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) we have developed further algorithms as for example MESOTES for the cost-optimized revitalization of brownfield areas.