Future Strategies

‚Geoligence’ is in demand

Geo-sciences get increasingly in the focus of interdisciplinary cooperations, due to topics of global climate change and the shortage of natural resources. Future strategies are assigned to the principle of sustainability.

JENA-GEOS® assesses and protects the quality of soils for agriculture and forestry including the production of renewable primary products.

We develop innovative technologies for new forms to employ geothermal potentials.

By establishing fundamentals for aereal supply, we develop strategies for the usage of fallow areas to create, convert and distribute energy.

Our experts see about the allocation of ecological building materials for climate-considering building.

We meet climatically induced interaction potentials upon buildings of soil and foundation engineering with foresighted foundation counselling and prognostic planning.

Appropriate adaptation strategies are being employed to meet the climate impacts on spatial potentials. The contribution of the geoscientist is of great importance for a lasting land management.