Pictures from Middle East

Jena-Geos® - Ingenieurbüro GmbH worked for many years in projects in  the middle east. The fieldcampaigns in Qatar (Soil Classification and Land Use Specification of the Sultanate of Qatar, 2001-2005) in the United Arabic Emirates (Project CRES: Clay Resources Evaluation and Survey in the United Arabic Emirates, since 2008) yield to numerous foreign stays of our workers. We present here the most successful pictures of these assignments.

Pictures taken by:

  • Conrad Philipp
  • Christoph Scheibert
  • Stephan Dunkel
  • Jakob Maercker
  • Dr. Kersten Roselt
Exploration in the UAE (Ras al-Khaimah)
Exploration team for field prospecting
Ancient watchtower of loam (Sharjah)
Investigation of a borehole in the emirate Abu Dhabi
Exploration in the foreland of Jabel Hafit
In talking with the Head of the US-Geological Survey
Street from Al Ain to Umm Az Zumul
Firestone field overlayed by dunes
Tracks in the sand short time before sunset
Dune impression
Jakob Maercker makes sand fly
Zeuge from fossil
Interior-sabkha in the area of paleo-lakes
Historical Fort
Evening at Dubai's oldest harbour
Soil sample with drilling unit
“Burj Khalifa Dubai” (828 m high)
Camel breeding immigrant worker
Racing camels on their way to training
Immigrant worker as goatherd
Fishermen bring in their catch at the Eastern coast
Emirate man training his falcon to fly
Dau in the old Dubai harbour
Spicery in the Dubai souq
Drapery in the Dubai souq
Men's circle in an al-Ain park
Sandy desert north of Sweihan
Desert impression
Detail view of a sandy desert
Fluvial erosion structures in the Hajar Mountains
Oasis in a Hajar Mountain gorge
Our exploration team with dates and tea
Hajar Mountains at the most northern of the UAE
Sportsmen in sunset
Camel herd in the desert
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque
Drilling a very hard underground material
Invitation of an Omani family
Investigation work by 30 °C in the shadow (February)
Proud Afghani with bushy beard