Analysis - Planning - Development - Consulting

  • demand and potential analysis with economic considerations (target appreciation) 
  • re-use of brownfields and undeveloped areas by rnewable energies
  • energy land management (target appreciation) in context of revitalization
  • integrate conceptions of climate ptotection and energy
  • geothermal potential, geothermal energy, geothermal storage
  • expert reports and studies
  • economic considerations for different energy use scenarios
  • energy surface management, also in context of revitalization
  • monetization of added amd reduced value of real estate in context of the use of energy potential
  • planning of sustainable land use and coping with conflicts of use (e.g. with GIS)
  • modelling the surface temperature in dependence of-use

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The implementation of the energy transition is a great challenge for politics and society. Regarding the forecast for availability and the price development of fossil fuels, individual ideas and solution strategies are required which locally contribute to climate protection and sustainable energy supply. This requires complex perspectives and integrated planning on the part of engineers and scientists. In focus are a variety fields of action - from analysis and brainstorming, project development and management to communications and participation - at the level of single site, neighborhood, community and region.

Dr Kersten Roselt

Managing Director
Phone +49 3641 4535-0